One team, two locations.
Many committed players.
And always there when it counts.

People are at the centre of essendi it - and the common goal. And just like the individual team members, the company has different facets that make it as unique as the people who work here. This mosaic results in a big picture in which we pull together and give our best to inspire our customers.

APIs create connections for digital communication between systems or organisations.

APIs create connections for digital communication between systems or organisations.


Good code is half the battle.

Creative Monitor Setup

To keep an overview, you need more than one monitor.


With Angular, we develop software that is not only functional, but also visually appealing.

Financial Service Providers

It all started in the financial services sector. Today we are active across all sectors.

Use cases

Use cases are part of the requirements analysis.

A Family Business

Since December 2020, the second generation has been at the helm.

essendi xc

Certificate management from essendi it.


We use agile methodologies in our projects to ensure we are able to quickly react to our customers’ requirements.


Java is a beautiful island. And a programming language. And in American also a synonym for coffee, which can also come from that island. The developers of the programming language simply named it after their favourite drink. Thus, nothing works in IT without Java.

Barbecues, Summer Parties or Digital Socials

Barbecue in the essendi garden.

Trainees and Students

Our apprentices and students also take on cool special tasks, such as working on IoT devices or coming up with posts for Instagram.

Schwaebisch Hall

We are headquartered in the idyllic town of Schwaebisch Hall.


Our biggest team: the bees in the essendi garden in Schwaebisch Hall.