Our Values.
What makes us different. What
makes us unique.

Customer orientation

Customer orientation is the greatest value for us at essendi it. It includes trust, security and personal commitment and is not based on times or deadlines. We are there when our customers need us - even if they don't yet know how important support is. We think and act from our customers' point of view. That's why we know our customers' needs and what needs to be done. And we never lose sight of this.


Our industry is a people business. We want and need to engage with the people we work with - internally as well as those of our clients and partners. In order to meet at eye level, in order to develop together. This can only succeed if there is a willingness to invest in this collaboration. And that's exactly what we take great pleasure in at essendi it.


Every day we are confronted with innovations - what was new yesterday is old today. At essendi it, we always have the latest developments on our radar. Because we know: only innovation take us to the next level and only innovation enable us to rethink topics, tackle tasks in a new way and develop solutions that inspire our customers.


Always being up to date with the latest knowledge is not only a matter of course for us, but a fundamental need. This enables us to always deliver the performance that moves your company forward - no matter what products and solutions are involved and regardless of the complexity of the task. In short: we enjoy performing to our fullest ability.


As fulfilling as we find our work, it is important for all of us to bring ourselves into balance again and again. Only in this way can we find the satisfaction that gives us strength for everyday life. We never lose sight of this, and that is why we treat each other – both clients as well as our colleagues – with care, and why are not afraid to address this issue.