Prof. Dr. Esther Hänggi

“Over the next few years, post-quantum cryptography will gradually be used wherever current public key cryptography is used. Various regulatory bodies will recommend and soon demand a switch to post-quantum cryptography.”

I already had a wide range of interests as a child and was interested in maths and physics, but also in languages and many other things. I then studied physics at the EPFL (ETH Lausanne) in French. After my Master\'s degree, I moved to the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich for a doctorate in quantum cryptography. This fascinated me because it combines physics and computer science.

Over the past eighteen years, I have worked in the fields of IT security, cryptography and quantum information theory both at academic research institutions and in the private sector. I have analysed and tested the security of e-banking applications and tailored IAM solutions to customers.

At the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, I work together with industry partners on projects on these topics and teach the modules \"Information Security Fundamentals\" and \"Quantum Computing\".

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