essendi it GmbH receives DIN ISO 27001 certification.

Products. Solutions. With security. Now officially certified.

It is official since 20 March 2023: essendi it GmbH has received the ISO 27001 certification, which is probably the most important cyber security certification. During the audit on 24 February, the security-relevant IT and business processes were subjected to a thorough examination by the Certification Center Security (certification body of Würth IT GmbH).

A reason to celebrate: We received certification according to DIN ISO 27001.

The audit certified the successful introduction of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) for the scope of ‘Business Unit IT Security and xc, IT Administration and Operations’.

“The certification proves the high standards we set for ourselves as security specialists, because our products and services serve to protect our customers’ IT systems and data. Many of them come from the banking environment or are KRITIS companies. They therefore have increased requirements for IT security and also complex infrastructures. For them, the certification is a confirmation that we do our utmost to make our certificate management tool essendi xc and all processes around IT security secure at all times,” says Werner Zügel, one of the three general managers of essend it GmbH.

Certification communicates the company’s goal to the public

The certification further communicates essendi’s corporate goal “We secure digital communication” to the public. With the ISO seal, essendi communicates to all customers and partners that the company complies with all security standards around the certificate management tool essendi xc and the entire consulting service on IT security and PKI (Private Key Infrastructure) and continuously improves them.

Support from the in-house toolbox

essendi xc itself played a key role in the audit in the area of crypto management (key material, certificate processes, authorisations). The tool allows the crypto requirements of ISO 27001 to be easily implemented and documented in an audit-proof manner. Thus, this point was quickly ticked off.

Due to the high degree of automation from the certificate application to the deployment in the target systems, xc also increases the security of IT systems and digital communication.

The management would like to thank Pamela Knoch and Ines Hujdur, Kramer and Crew, for accompanying the certification preparation andall employees who were involved in this success. “It was and is a big, cross-company task in which everyone is pulling together. Because of course we want to continue to meet our own standards and the highest standards in information security and data protection” says Zügel.

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised standard for information security and probably the most important cyber security certification. It offers a systematic approach to structuring, monitoring and continuously improving information security and the protection of confidential data.