CGMO GlobalSign is our latest technology partner

Secure websites, digital signatures, encrypted emails, device or user authentication – they all rely on the use of digital certificates. In an increasingly complex environment, the limited PKI knowledge of many companies is therefore becoming an ever greater challenge. Comprehensive automation can provide a remedy here and also relieve the IT departments.
The decisive factor for establishing the partnership between GlobalSign and essendi it was precisely these possibilities of process automation. In addition, there were already points of contact through common customers.
Now both companies offer a joint complete solution. Customers can now also apply for, manage and roll out GlobalSign certificates via the most common protocols in a fully automated way. Standard certificate management processes can thus be automated even more easily. This significantly reduces risk and effort for customers and enables deep integration into existing business processes. In addition, more specialised products, such as RSASSA-PSS S/MIME certificates, complement the product portfolio.
After the start of the partnership last year, we look forward to working together on numerous projects. We would especially like to thank Andreas Brix (Programme Manager) and Jerker Svensson (Account Manager) for their excellent support.

For more information on the cooperation, please see the press release.