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Mann sitzt vor seinem Laptop, schaut zur Seite und lächelt. Vor ihm stehen kleine Miniatur Windräder.

Human rights and social issues

We play it safe. For us, occupational health and safety are not just a chore. We follow the recommendations of our employers' liability insurance association VBG to protect the health of our employees. We are in favor of fair competition. Ethical conduct is a basis of the trust we cultivate with customers, business partners and employees. We therefore oppose bribery, extortion and other forms of corruption. We respect human rights. Therefore, we naturally comply with the requirements of the Social Accountability Standard SA8000 (against discrimination, child labor, and forced and compulsory labor).

Biene im essendi Garten (Wildblumenwiese)

Ecology and environment

Responsible land use: We have kept sealed surfaces to a minimum. We use vacant commercial space as a scattered orchard for endangered tree species and wildflowers. Promoted biodiversity: Our essendi garden is home to our own bee colony. We provide nesting opportunities to protect birds. And we garden carefully with natural fertilizers, soil conditioners and Effective Microorganisms (EM). In addition, we invest in conservation, reforestation and maintenance of forest lands.

Büroräumlichkeiten der essendi it

Economy and value creation

When constructing our company building in Schwäbisch Hall, preference was given to regional planning and building contractors, thus supporting the local economy and minimizing travel distances. Energy-saving glazing reduces heating requirements, for which we use sustainable district heating. We also conserve resources when it comes to hardware. Computers that are no longer suitable for software development are reused elsewhere. If we do have to take equipment out of service, we either return it to circulation or dispose of it properly via a service provider after deleting the data in accordance with the DSGVO.

Laptop auf einem Schreibtisch.

Production processes and environment

Since even small measures have a big impact, we avoid leaving devices in standby mode for long periods. After work, they are shut down. If a device does need to be replaced, we ensure that it is returned to the market via a remarketing partner or sent for proper recycling.

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