"As a designer, you don't just look to the future. A designer creates products for the future."
Andrea Luft

Porträtfoto der Designerin Andrea Luft

What was the challenge in designing the trade fair stand for essendi it and SwissSign?

There were two challenges at once with this trade fair stand. First of all, two companies, i.e. two corporate designs, had to be brought into line in a uniform trade fair stand.

The second challenge was the cooperation between essendi it and SwissSign. Our aim was to make the core competencies, cooperation and synergy effects of the two companies visible and easy to understand.
With the brand walls projecting over the trade fair stand, the distinctive graphic elements of the Word Cloud and a large-format exterior wall design, we succeeded very well.

What is the exciting aspect of designing a stand for an IT security trade show?

The topic of IT security is very complex and multifaceted, in other words not so easily accessible. Our challenge was to design the digital world in such a way that it appeals both emotionally and visually and yet the content can be easily captured.

3D Zeichnung des MessestandesFrom your personal point of view, what is the most important point to consider when planning a trade fair booth?

An exhibition stand needs to have a good long-distance effect and high appeal. Once you have arrived there, a good atmosphere should invite you to feel comfortable and linger. In addition to visual stimuli, retreat and open consultation islands are an absolute must.

What is important to you in your work with clients?

For me, it is important to establish a lively, trusting relationship with my clients. This is the only way to cultivate a creative environment that allows projects to grow. Good intuition plays an important role in this process. What does the client need, what are his requirements and wishes, what solutions should be found? If these points are clear, nothing stands in the way of a successful project.

Designerin blickt auf ihren Schreibtisch herunter


What is important to you as a designer?

As a designer, you don’t just look to the future. A designer creates products for the future.

Sustainability has thus become a matter close to my heart. My design process is constantly accompanied by topics such as innovative, ecologically valuable materials, zero waste, cradle to cradle, recycled plastic, etc. These often push me to the limits and beyond. These often push me to the limits and beyond to solutions for a sustainable life.

Das Studio der Designerin Andrea Luft, InnenansichtHow do you find ideas? Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am a curious person by nature. I like to immerse myself in foreign countries and cultures, art, trends, natural aesthetics, philosophy and psychology. All the inspirations and discoveries I collect usually lead to new ideas in a team; when linked together, fascinating innovations are created.

What thrills you?

When I can work passionately hand in hand with my clients and we create something new together.