Why is our blog called "magazine"?
The term "blog" is a compound of the words web (for internet) and log (diary) and was created in America. In the beginning, blogs were chronologically sorted journals kept on the internet in which people reported on their experiences or adventures.
A magazine, on the other hand, is less chronological. Similar to a printed magazine, it covers a variety of topics around a main theme. Instead of short daily reports, carefully researched articles on certain key topics appear at longer intervals.
Even though the boundaries between blog and magazine are fluid today, we therefore classify our blog as a magazine.
And as with everything we do at essendi it, we set high standards for the blog. Every contribution offers great reader benefit and adds to our online encyclopaedia, a knowledge database that you can help yourself to at any time.
Are you missing a topic, do you have questions or suggestions? We look forward to hearing from you.

Magazine September 22, 2021

How CT Standard and Log Monitoring work

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What is key management?

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What is SIEM?

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Digital certificates have an increasingly shorter validity period

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Managing TLS/SSL certificates with CaaS

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