Once again, we have added valuable functions to our certificate management tool essendi xc. With the new version 1.27, we are making the management of digital certificates even easier.

What’s new?

The new release focuses on the conversion to Angular and our new UI.

  • Angular makes essendi xc even more productive, more scalable and easier to maintain.
  • The new design helps users to find their way around essendi xc even faster.
  • It will be easier to configure xc individually yourself.

In addition, the latest version makes it possible to set up a download portal via which third parties can download certificates provided for them after authentication. The URL and session duration can be defined for this purpose.

Our aim is also to develop the products in the essendi xc family one step further towards accessibility with each new release.

Benefit from Release 1.27 and increase the efficiency and flexibility of your certificate management. essendi xc supports you in efficiently managing the growing number of certificates and automating their administration.

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