Products and solutions.
We set standards.

With us, you get solutions: Our service portfolio of certificate management, software testing, IT consulting and individual software development has countless tools ready to move your company and your IT forward. Solution-oriented, effective and secure, with the goal firmly in mind.

Individual software development

Special requirements or needs for software often cannot be met with off the shelf products. Furthermore, the development of customised software is often an important factor for the successful implementation of your own ideas and concepts. In addition, individually developed software makes it possible to tailor and optimise business processes to your company.


IT consulting

New technologies and changing markets demand constant monitoring and adaptation. We help you with IT consulting and IT project management to achieve the goals of lean production and organisation, to detect unused potential and to uncover possible weaknesses. Our employees fully integrate themselves into your team and "live" the systematics of your company.


Software testing

New or further developed software is associated with clearly defined goals. But does it really fulfil these goals? If untested software is launched and does not work as it should, this can lead to both technical and legal problems. For this reason, we offer professional software testing. And at a time that does not jeopardise the project's schedule.


Certificate management essendi xc

We have developed essendi xc to provide you with a product with which you can protect the data and data streams of your company and those of your customers and thus contribute to improved security in your digital processes. essendi xc simplifies, automates and optimises your certificate management (TLS/SSL/x.509). The application can be flexibly adapted to your needs and infrastructure.

Certificate management

Digital certificate management SwissSign

We have a long-standing and successful partnership with SwissSign Group AG. As a public CA (Certificate Authority), it enjoys the highest level of trust in terms of consistency and business model. essendi xc is multi-CA-capable and also works with other partners on request. However, the great advantage of SwissSign certificates is that they are subject to European data protection.


Our Mission

IT means innovation. And we at essendi claim to be drivers of innovation. Our work is highly creative and demanding and we like to be measured against this. We see ourselves as a partner of our customers and this is confirmed time and again. Our success factor is precise, active listening. This enables us to set up processes and define structures. This approach ensures a transparent workflow and that we meet our deadlines.

Our way of working

We support you and your company from the technical conception to the completed solution. We analyse the current state with regard to your specifications and create a concept, which of course also incorporates your suggestions. This is followed by the adaptation of the concepts to the content requirements and the respective development of an individual software solution, followed, of course, by a professional quality test of the software at the end of the project. We support you with advice throughout the entire duration of the project.

Our know-how for your IT

Working in a solution-oriented way is part of our DNA. And we know: Good employees are essential for solutions that set standards. That's why IT consulting at essendi doesn't mean implementing tools, but sharing the experience and knowledge of our colleagues. Only then do we recommend products and developments. We are close to the market and know what moves our customers. In short: We see ourselves as innovation-driven, inspiring "know-how carriers" who make an important contribution to your entrepreneurial success with our work.