Sustainability and essendi it.

As a company, we are a living part of the ecosystem in which we operate. With this awareness, we take responsibility for sustainable, value-generating use and interaction across generations. (Self-conception of the essendi it group) 


Many of the fields of action that we consider essential can be found in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that were adopted in 2015 as part of the United Nations Global Compact. We want to support these international efforts and are therefore guided by the UN’s goals and definitions.

In addition to environmental issues such as climate neutrality, these also include diversity and equality, as well as corruption prevention.

We have therefore defined three fields of action within which we place our activities in the context of the IT industry. They form the basis for the goals we have set ourselves and help us measure our successes.

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Human rights and social issues

Our team is colorful and brings together a wide variety of personalities because we treat each other with respect and appreciation. This creates a positive and creative working environment for the whole team. We live equal rights. This is reflected, for example, in the company-wide proportion of around 35% female colleagues up to top management level. Equality is also reflected in our salaries, of course. We live diversity. We respect and value the different genders, religions, cultures that broaden and complete our world view. We also expect this view of identity from our employees. We live human rights. Therefore, the Social Accountability Standard SA8000 is a matter of course for us.

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Ecology and environment

Environmental protection and sustainability are firm values at essendi it and are therefore deeply rooted in the company's management. Our environmental policy pursues three main goals: Acting in a resource-saving manner, creating living space and preserving biodiversity. Therefore, we comply with the requirements of ISO 14.001 for environmentally compatible actions. In our day-to-day business, we pay attention to sustainability both in purchasing and in software production processes. For example, we avoid problematic waste and emissions that would harm the environment. To do so, we regularly exchange ideas with employees and implement their suggestions. At our sites, we pay strict attention to the correct recycling of valuable and residual materials in the sense of a circular economy.

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Economy and value chain

We live in a world of constant change. Digitalization, economic globalization and global value chains are designed to increase competitiveness. We, too, see the big picture, but at the same time we set great store by each individual link in the value chain. Both in the procurement of goods and services and in our production and development process. This is how we achieve sustainable supply chains, from procurement to disposal. As partners, we choose companies with similar approaches and values. In this way, we ensure the protection of human rights - long before the German Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act (LkSG).

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Green IT

Working at essendi it is much more than just a job

How we work today determines how we live tomorrow.
IT can make a valuable contribution to reducing environmental impact. Digital documents, for example, make paperless processes possible. And people from all over the world can meet in video conferences without leaving home. What saves time, CO2 and water on the one hand, requires a lot of energy on the other.
That's why it's particularly important to us to use and design new technologies effectively and in a way that conserves resources.
Infrastructure: We prefer environmentally friendly manufactured and durable hardware. When purchasing hardware and software, we pay attention to their energy consumption. Even small measures such as turning off devices completely (instead of standby mode) have a big impact in total. Way of working:Our entire team can work 100% from the home office. We hold team coordination and meetings in web conferences. This reduces the burden on the environment and enables our employees to react flexibly to the unexpected. Development process: We take care to develop our software in a way that conserves resources. We use load and performance tests to uncover weak points. We minimize processor load to keep power consumption as low as possible. We have also optimally scaled down the image material on this website. In addition to saving power, this also saves loading time.

Our benefits

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Products and services

Green Coding
Digitalization means that more and more software systems are in use. The more energy they consume, the higher the greenhouse gas emissions. Green Coding helps to optimize the program code of software and thus make it more energy-efficient.
In addition to optimized, sustainable program code, we focus on energy-efficient programming languages. In part, we also follow the specifications defined by the German eco label "Blue Angel" regarding resource- and energy-efficient software products (DE-UZ 215). We try to keep the system requirements as low as possible, strive for a long service life with long-lasting support and variable application possibilities. Continuous development of our products ensures their continuity. If necessary, they can be completely uninstalled.

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Production processes and environment

The path is the goal
Not only the finished software product, but also the way to it can be designed in an environmentally friendly way. Our approach includes mobile work processes to save the team sometimes long journeys to the workplace. We use modern IT infrastructures to make workflows fast and efficient. For reasons of energy efficiency, we have opted for cloud hosting and, of course, we pay attention to environmentally friendly hardware in procurement.
We have established paperless processes through mobile working. Digital archiving not only saves space and paper, but also provides easy access from anywhere for all employees who need specific information.

What drives us

The future starts now. What we do or don't do today has a direct impact on our lives tomorrow. So if we want to tackle tomorrow's challenges with today's tools, we need to keep an open mind. We may not know the solution now. But if we don't close our minds, we can intuitively take a step in the right direction.

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Creating living spaces

We create living spaces: in the essendi garden, through the purchase and careful management of forest areas, and of course through the way we work together locally and remotely, for the entire team.


Using technologies

The way we work and develop today determines our future. We are therefore already using technology today to protect the environment in the future. Because we don't have a Planet B.


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Promoting innovation

Innovations are created where diversity and novelty meet and are allowed to grow. Mutual respect creates fun in working together. This in turn is reflected in our results.


Die Geschäftsführer der essendi it GmbH - von links Werner Zügel, Sarah Zügel, Johannes Haitzer

Family-owned & owner-managed
All three members of our management team live and breathe the company. They lead the way with enthusiasm, shape the spirit of the company with their commitment and ideas, and give it personality.
Our business partners appreciate knowing who is behind the company. Employees and partners alike can rely on the stability and continuity of the company.
Sustainability and climate neutrality play a particularly important role for us, as they are a personal concern of the entire management.

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Climate-neutral company

In the spirit of climate neutrality, our owner family continuously invests in forest properties, their preservation, reforestation and maintenance. At present, the forest stock amounts to 20 hectares.
In the last three years, 1,560 young trees have been planted in the course of forest maintenance measures. This forest stand absorbs over 120 tons of CO2 per year.
Using model calculators on the Internet, we have determined an annual CO2 emission of approximately 140 tons for the entire company. By offsetting 120 tons, we are already very close to our goal of climate neutrality. Subpage Fields of action

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