Certificate management systems make it possible to take advantage of 90-day certificates without jeopardising operational safety.

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A recent article on Security Insider discusses how the trend towards shorter terms for digital certificates – particularly the introduction of 90-day certificates – could lead to an increase in outages. “If they are not reissued or replaced before they expire, the service they are associated with will stop working. This leads to very costly outages, disruption and increased security risks – something everyone has experienced at some point with their browser through the error message ‘Cannot connect to untrusted website’,” the article states.

Shortening the validity period of certificates should lead to more security through more frequent certificate renewals. However, it also means a considerable additional burden for the security teams. As the number of machine identities is constantly increasing, this burden is likely to increase even further.

The solution to this challenge is extensive automation. Advanced certificate management tools such as essendi xc play a particularly important role here. Especially for companies that have to manage many digital certificates, they are the tool of choice to support and relieve their security teams.

A key feature of essendi xc is the comprehensive automation of certificate processes right up to the last mile. This function ensures that certificates are renewed on time and without manual intervention. Failures due to incorrectly requested or accidentally expired certificates can thus be reliably avoided.

In combination with essendi cd, all certificates in the company are found and integrated into the central certificate management system. This means that none can be overlooked and expire unnoticed.

essendi xc allows you to maintain an overview of your company’s entire certificate landscape. This allows security teams to act proactively instead of simply reacting to problems. The central dashboard and alarm functions support them in this.

The introduction of 90-day certificates undoubtedly brings new challenges. Certificate management tools such as essendi xc make it possible to take advantage of shorter terms without jeopardising operational security.

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